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Gospel Centered Church

in the Heart of Kichijoji

Christian Church​・Kichijoji Tokyo


Due to the current situation, we have decided to close the church venue until April 12th. We will still be streaming our worship service every Sunday at 11.30am. Please click the link below to join us online.



Your giving makes a big difference! If you are unable to attend our service in person we have online giving options (Bank Transfer & Credit Card)


Thank you for your generosity!


Why Christianity?

I encountered Jesus when I was 13 years old at a Youth Service in Australia. From that point on, I could not deny the reality of Jesus Christ. I came to realize that Christianity is not a theoretical concept, a good way to live life, or a boring way to live. Christianity is about a real and powerful God who sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. My life has never been the same again.

I believe if you seek the truth of Jesus in an honest and sincere way, God will reveal to you the truth. Why don't you give it a shot, you literally have nothing to lose! Lorance B

Why Double O Cross Church?

We are a tight knit International Church community in Kichijoji, Tokyo Japan. We place a lot of importance in Gospel Centered or Christ Centered teaching. We believe that as Christians the focus needs to be on the Gospel and the great commission which Jesus gave his followers before he ascended into heaven. 

Our messages/sermons are usually in Japanese, and interpreted live into English.  We also have English speakers from time to time, with live interpretations into Japanese. 

Double 0 Cross?
Kichijoji Service
Kichijoji・Every Sunday 11:30 & 15:30
This is a bi-lingual service (ENG/JPN)