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original japanese worship music

about us

Contextualization through Music

We are creating original Japanese Christian music with lyrics that reflect Gospel-Centeredness while drawing from Japanese subcultures and pop culture.

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songwriting project

We love translating and singing Western Christian music, but we also felt the limitations of translating English songs, which are rooted in different cultures and histories, into Japanese with limited words and lyrics that are still gospel-centered. Of course, there are already many beautiful Japanese worship songs written by people who have been entrusted with a lot of talent. Our goal is to create J-pop songs with melodies that are familiar to the Japanese ear, using the Japanese language as it is used in daily life today, mixing in expressions unique to the Japanese language, and at the same time incorporating the atmosphere of anime songs and the like. We hope that songs of praise to God will become more and more familiar to the Japanese people. Pray that Christian music in Japan will gain momentum and become valuable.

Pray that the glory of God, who created everything from scratch, will be shown.


In Christ

Project O+O

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