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From Genesis 15

Words Mami / Music Jono / Production Kosuke 

This song “Promise of the Stars” was inspired by Genesis 15, the story of Abraham's in his most desperate hour encountering God and was given a promise under the stars. God asked Abraham to look into the sky and count the stars, promising him who had no child at that time, that was how many descendants he shall receive. 


This story was not only about Abraham receiving a promise from God, but it was also a symbol of how God would make a covenant with His people and ultimately fulfilling that promise through Jesus Christ. Just as God ordered Abraham to prepare animals and God walked through them, indicating how He was willing to be spilt into halves if He was going to break His covenant, He ultimately fulfilled His promise to save us by letting His son become the sacrifice on our behalf. Jesus, who has always been faithful and will never betray us, died on the cross willingly and was cut off from God so that we who have betrayed God, can take His place, and inherit God’s promise. He left His Kingdom for us, so that He could bring us into His promised land.


This song was written to remind us that when we are feeling hopeless, when the night is dark and the light is gone, when we may even question God’s goodness and feel distant from His presence, we can look up to the sky like Abraham did and be reminded of God’s faithfulness. We can be reminded again and again of our new identity in Christ, as His children, an identity that was far greater than what even Abraham received. We can be vulnerable with God as His children and seek refuge in Him.


Musically and lyrically this song started by focusing on the images of darkness, sand, and silence, bringing us to the state of despair Abraham felt in Genesis 15. Then during the pre-chorus there was a pivot when we become truly vulnerable and seeing how God is waiting to meet us there, calling us by names. Chorus then turns into a powerful declaration of faith in the overflowing grace and everlasting love that centered on Jesus Christ, and His finished work on the cross securing our new identity. Our spirits are lifted, hope is restored.


Towards the climax of the song, once again we get to remind ourselves that even when we cannot see the light, and the stars may be hidden in the sky, we have the unchanging promise of God with us through His words, and we can be sure that He will accomplish what He has started. We can walk with Jesus into the promised land, no matter what comes our way in the journey.  


Truly the promise of the stars is fulfilled today, through Jesus Christ, the light of the world.

On the night when all hope was lost

The clouds have overtaken

the last bit of light

I am standing alone, calling Your name


My feet were trapped in the sand 

My body could not go any further

Then I lifted up my head,

looked into the sky and saw a star


Remind me once again of Your promises

The one and only name that I know

Remind me again of who you are

The voice that calls me, this I know


With overflowing Love and Grace

You are the God 

who came down from heaven

You descended into our darkness

and lit up the night with your light

Jesus Christ!

With Your own light You have guided us

You have fulfilled 

the promise of the stars

Remind me once again of Your promises

The one and only answer that I know

Tell me again who I am

Call me again with the name You have given me



With overflowing Love and Grace

You are the God who forgives

through bearing my sins

Jesus Christ!

You have suffered and endured all the way

You have fulfilled 

the promise of the stars


Even if all hope is lost and the night is long 

There is a star still shines, reminding me of your promises   

Each and every word of God will be accomplished


I believe

With overflowing Love and Grace

You are the God who have made a promise by Your very name

And by the body of the lamb that was torn into pieces

Jesus Christ!

You have fought and won the battle 

Taking back this life of mine that was lost


And I will walk with you to the end of this road 

Into the promised land that you have prepared for me

Jesus Christ!

You are my God

You have fulfilled the promise of the stars

Jesus Christ!

You are my God

Your love is with me till the end


The promise of the stars

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